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Future Tech  


The Western Australian International School System has implemented the “Future Tech Pioneers Scholarship” for talented students with outstanding academic results.

The scholarship is a recognition of students’ efforts and endeavors, creating motivation and a foundation to accompany students on the journey to pursue their dreams.

The maximum scholarship covers up to 100% of the tuition fees for two years of study at the Western Australian International School System, as decided by the School’s Academic Council based on the results of the scholarship admission process. The top 3 scholarship values include:


Tuition Fee
Scholarship period: 2 years


Tuition Fee
Scholarship period: 1 year


Tuition Fee
Scholarship period: 1 year

Conditions for

Scholarship Applicants

1. Participants:

– Students in Years 8 – 10 in the academic year 2023 – 2024.

2. Academic achievements:

– Candidates must have a GOOD academic record in the two most recent academic years.
– After applying, candidates will participate in the Entrance Test; the results must be 70/100 points or higher.

3. Other requirements:

– Students must be able to communicate well in English, or possess international English certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent exams.
– Students should demonstrate outstanding performances in extracurricular programs, performance activities, sports competitions, and other competitions, as well as participation in community projects.
– The scholarship cannot be combined with any other existing tuition discounts at the School, including the Annual discount policy and the Sibling policy.

*Students who have earned a Scholarship in 2023 are not allowed to register for the Scholarship in 2024. The Board of Principals and Academic Council will review the Scholarship value based on the students’ academic achievements, their contributions to learning activities, and their positivity when participating in extracurricular activities during the academic year 2023 – 2024.

Scholarship application documents


icon-profile-scholarship-1A copy of Passport, Citizen Identification Card, or Birth Certificate

icon-profile-scholarship-2Scholarship application letter in English

icon-profile-scholarship-4A copy of International English certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent certificates (if any)

icon-profile-scholarship-3A copy of the Academic Results Reports for the two most recent academic years

icon-profile-scholarship-6A copy of certificates or records demonstrating outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities, talent contests, and community projects (if any)

Timeline and Admission process




Although the IBDP program is really tough and demanding, it has given me a lot of valuable experiences throughout the past years. The way the course is designed has helped me to be open-minded, where I take into consideration different perspectives. I became more resilient and reflective in my studying. Moreover, the CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Services) core subject has allowed me to achieve work-life balance - taking care of both my well-being and academic studies.
Bui Minh Anh IBDP Alumni
Applied Information Technologies (AIT) in the WACE program is a very challenging subject, but it engages the students to activate their critical thinking and attention to details. Through AIT, I got to know a lot about how a computer functions and how I can build my own computer.
Tran Minh Huy WACE Alumni
Chemistry is like Lego, ideas and frameworks can be broken down into smaller pieces and then reassembled in different ways to build something entirely new. The more you learn about Chemistry, the better you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions and interpretations about the natural and synthetic processes that have been around you all along
Tran Trang Bao Vy WACE Alumni

Scholarship Application Form

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